Wraptor Arrow Wraps – Night and Day – 13pk



Product Description

Available in 3 widths as standard:

Small: For your small diameter carbon arrows, with diameters up to 5.5mm
Medium: For larger diameter carbon arrows and some aluminum arrows, with diameters up to 8mm
Large: For your line cutters and wooden shafts up to 9.5mm
OR, go custom: You notify us of the Make, model and spine of your arrow, and we will create a wrap to suit!

The wraps also come with two length options as standard,

100mm: These look much crisper when using shorter fletchings.
150mm: Perfect for adding more design, and coverage to suit fletchings up to 5/6/ inches in length.

The majority of our wraps will allow you to add your name, club name, numbers, initials, whatever you like really to personalise in a way you see fit, and we will even throw in an additional plain wrap for good measure!


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